Vicki Markovitz For Court of Common Pleas

Meet Vicki

Vicki Markovitz and familyVicki Markovitz was born in Philadelphia and is long-time practitioner of the law. A graduate of a Quaker high school, Vicki has embraced the Quaker values of justice, fairness, and the search for truth.

Her career has been built on public service, beginning with her first job out of college. In 1991, having received her Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College, Vicki joined Teach for America, a program designed to bring new teachers to traditionally underserved schools. Vicki spent four years teaching in Houston public schools before returning home to the Philadelphia area to earn her law degree from Widener University. During her studies Vicki held prestigious clerkships, learning the intricacies of our courts before earning admission to the Pennsylvania Bar and starting her career as an Assistant District Attorney.

Vicki served the city of Philadelphia for eighteen years in the District Attorney’s Office trying cases in both State and Federal Courts.  At the District Attorney’s Office, she was assigned to both the Trial Division and the Investigation Division. While detailed to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, she was specially assigned to Project Safe Neighborhoods, focusing on gun violence, drugs, and gangs. She also managed the North Philadelphia Working Group, a multi-agency group tasked with reducing crime in North Philadelphia.  She was later asked to return for a second assignment at the United States Attorney’s Office to work on a one year initiative, Philadelphia’s Violent Crime Reduction Partnership, aimed at reducing violent crime in Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Vicki’s experience with the law is also very personal. Not only has she spent a career preventing and prosecuting crimes, but she is a survivor of violent crime. In 2004, while walking to court from the District Attorney’s Office, Vicki and a summer intern were attacked by a man wielding a knife. Her intern was stabbed.

Having experienced the law from both sides – as a lawyer and as a crime victim – has deepened Vicki’s appreciation for our justice system and allowed her to see the courtroom experience from multiple perspectives. Her depth of experience, along with her integrity, work ethic, and strong grasp of the law, makes her the best prepared candidate to be the kind of judge that Philadelphia needs.

In addition to her legal career, Vicki is a mother of two and lives in Fairmount with her husband,  Larry Dubinski. In addition to her legal work, she is active in her synagogue and at her children’s school.